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How To Choose Your Exercise Equipment

Having exercise equipment at home can be an excellent idea for those who don’t have a gym nearby or who don’t have much free time. Also, many parents are forced to stop exercising because they don’t have anyone to leave their kids with so they can go to the gym.

However, there are certain requirements and issues worth knowing before you take out your credit card. This is especially important to avoid, over time, using your exercise machine as a new “rack” to hang your dirty clothes.

There are several options at the market: stationary bikes, motorized treadmills, elliptical walkers and climbers, among the most popular.

Things to Consider

According to Consumer Reports, the first thing to do before buying an exercise machine is trying it. It doesn’t matter if the store is crowded, get on and try it! However, even if you like it and feel comfortable, don’t buy it right away. Go back another day and try it again!

In addition, Consumer Reports shares some tips:

Check the space.Before purchasing equipment, check where you will place it. Ideally, avoid a passage area, because it will block the way and you’ll end up selling it through the Internet. See if you have a free space about the size of a small sofa. If the environment has good ventilation, much better. Remember exercise will heat you up right away!

• Elliptical walkersoccupy a lot of space, so it is better not to have a roof on top.
• Treadmillscan be stored standing up so they don’t occupy too much space.
• Stationary bikesare generally smaller than treadmills and elliptical walkers.

Make the place comfortable.If you plan to buy a treadmill, you should consider your walking level. If you usually take long steps and plan on running on the treadmill, it would be advisable to buy one with a large platform. If you usually take short steps or only wish to walk, you can opt for a treadmill with a smaller area, which will also be less expensive.

Choose the right size and design.One of the main rules of exercise equipment is it should never cause knee or joint discomfort. For example, on stationary bicycles, the knees should never crash into the frame or handles.

o Elliptical walkers:there are two adjustable models: SprotsArtE83 and Proform XP 420 Razor. This allows people of different sizes to use them, by simply adjusting the base.
o Stationary bikes:They vary in size and shape. To get the right model, ask an employee to help you find the one that meets your needs. It is important that the seat is comfortable and that the pedals fit your foot size. If you measure more than 5’8” (1.72 m), look for a model that allows you to adjust the handlebars. Otherwise, you could hit your knees while pedaling.
o Read the guarantees carefully.Do not buy equipment that has between two and three years of coverage for most parts. The chances of breaking or damaging these machines are low, so you don’t need to pay more to have an extended warranty.

Since these machines are expensive and occupy plenty of space, it is worth that you take your time and think about the above points before making the decision to by them. If the final verdict is “I do,” congratulations! Now all you need to do is find some good music, put on your tennis shoes, and enjoy your home gym.


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