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Get Moving in the Summer

Por MyDiet™ -

Did cold weather sabotage your exercise routine? Just think that soon you'll open the window and a warm breeze will waft in signaling the arrival of summer. This is the ideal time to make a decision, muster up some energy, and put on your tennis shoes.

But before you do, remember that magic doesn't exist: just walking only a few miles or doing abdominal exercises won't modify those parts of the body you're unhappy with. Be careful because we tend to underestimate the time it will take for us to get into shape and the effort it involves. 

Or we don't keep in mind certain complications that could interfere with the activity we choose such as the commute to the gym and family and weather factors, etc. Don't fall into the trap of choosing a club that's far from your house and then giving it up because the commute is too tiring.

So that the start of your routine isn't a road to failure, the American Society of Physiotherapy recommends:

  • Explore all the possibilities until you discover a type of physical activity you really enjoy .Remember that the best activity is one you can do .
  • Go slowly .Straining yourself too much and going too fast are some of the most common mistakes: a sure passport to sore muscles and injuries that affect your strength and will. You must learn to crawl before you learn to walk. The key is to make moving a habit .
  • Set the weights aside for later .Starting with everything at the same time- cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, reduction in calories- can be a barrier. You'll have time in about four weeks after starting your routine to incorporate weights.
  • If you have a stationary bike , dust it off. Plan sessions in front of the window, television, with music or, for example, use it when the weather is bad and you can't go outside for a walk.
  • Reinforce your routine .It's not enough to say you want to get into shape; you have to design a specific plan that makes exercise a habit in your life similar to brushing your teeth. Establishing determined activities on set days and times enables us to be more consistent if we are plagued with thoughts such as "when I have some free time, I'll get on the stationary bike" or "if I'm not tired this afternoon, I'll go for a walk.”
  • Finda buddy .The support of others- to keep you company while you work out, to take care of the kids, to help you out with errands- makes it easier for you to stick to an exercise routine on a long-term basis.
  • Prepare ahead of time your workout clothes, bag, and anything else you need to exercise: you'll avoid last minute rushes, arriving late, and the temptation to give up.
  • Understand that losing weight or getting in shape takes time .If it were as easy as it looks on television, nobody around us would be carrying those extra pounds!
  • If money is a factor for you, find a low-cost activity or one that's free. They exist and the results can be just as good. Choosing something that brings economic difficulties could be a problem instead of a solution.


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