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Bring Your Routine Back to Life!

Por Leslie Rodríguez, RD, LD* -
Bring Your Routine Back to Life!

Have you gotten bored with your exercise routine? Does it seem harder and harder to get through a workout? If so, then maybe it's time you add more variety to your routine!

Participating in different  types of exercise and changing your physical activities every once in a while will prevent boredom and will keep you motivated.

Balance is energy

Doing the same exercise routine every day is not advisable, because it can lead to exhaustion and sports injuries. Furthermore, you'll never get to feel healthy. You should maintain a balance among three types of exercise:

  • Aerobics like walking, running, bicycling, etc.
  • Strengthening exercises such as weightlifting and abdominals.
  • Flexibility exercises such as stretching your muscles.

Different activities benefit your body in different ways. For example,  aerobic exercise burns calories, while strengthening exercises shape your muscles and strengthen your bones. Performing a variety of these exercises will help you feel better.

Explore and discover

To begin changing your exercise routine, make a list of those activities you like, such as walking, working in the garden, playing football or baseball, exercising at home using an exercise video, swimming, jogging, or any other exercise you wish. It'll be easier and less boring to carry out those activities that are appealing to you.

Furthermore, think about your schedule and determine when you can give yourself time to exercise. You can do a new activity once a week or once a month.

The new exercise will strengthen different parts of your body because you will use muscles that your body isn't accustomed to using. Also, it can help you lose weight if you had come to a stand still with your previous routine.

Start slowly when beginning a new routine. Starting gradually will prevent sports injuries and will encourage you to do your new exercises. Remember that, like everything in life, sometimes it will be hard to reach your ideal of completing your exercises with the desired frequency, but focus on your goals and you will prevail!

Positive thinking

If you think about exercising as an annoying task or as an obligation, the first thing you need to do is change your way of thinking. Make exercising a pleasant part of your daily life instead of something you must do reluctantly five days a week.

A day-by-day routine is not only boring, but it also wears your body out and can cause a drop in the number of calories you burn, reducing the effectiveness of your workout. A new routine will provide your body with the necessary incentive to make you feel more motivated and satisfied.

*Specialist in sports nutrition and physical activity of MyDiet™


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