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Enjoy Coffee without Guilt

Por MyDiet™ Team -
Enjoy Coffee without Guilt

Have you ever thought that your morning coffee could be sabotaging your diet? However, there are ways to enjoy this delicious beverage without the terrible guilt. 

Choosing ingredients that are low in fat and calories is a way to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without worries. Follow these tips to make the best choices when it comes to coffee-based beverages so you don’t sabotage your attempt to follow a healthy diet:

  • If one of the ingredients is milk, ask for skim (0% fat) or low-fat (1 or 2% fat) milk. 
  • Avoid adding whipped cream. This ingredient provides at least 50 extra calories to your coffee.
  • Use a sugar substitute (artificial sweetener) to sweeten your coffee.
  • Avoid flavored syrups, such as vanilla or chocolate. They pack extra calories and sugar.
  • Choose whole-wheat crackers to have with your coffee or have a serving of fruit after your coffee. Avoid donuts and sweet rolls.
  • Remember: Everything in moderation. For coffee this means no more than three cups a day. And, if you can choose decaf instead of regular coffee you’ll be making an even healthier choice.


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