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What is MyDiet™?

What is MyDiet™?

MyDiet™ is the only program that helps you lose weight through a successful system of diet and exercise plans that are designed exclusively and personally by a team of nutrition, health, and exercise experts.

Each plan is tailored to the characteristics and habits of each person and sent through electronic means, so users can access our support tools in a convenient time and place. 

In addition, those interested in consulting a nutrition specialist, in order to inquire about specific concerns, have the possibility to access a virtual appointment with one of our nutrition counselors through the Internet, chat, or telephone.

Because having the best support, wherever you are, is important.

MyDiet™ offers the following free services:

• Your personalized diet plan online with hundreds of healthy and easy-to-make recipes, frozen meals, and fast food options.
• Weekly progress records.
• Online guide to start losing weight.
• Exercise routines to help you get fit.
• Hundreds of articles, recipes, tips, and health news through our new channels.

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