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Vitamin Supplements and Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Vitamin Supplements and Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Q.  I'm pregnant and my doctor prescribed me a vitamin supplement, but I'm worried because I've been told it will make me gain more weight. Is that true? Silvia, Chicago, IL

A.Hi Silvia. What you've been told about vitamin supplements is not true. Prenatal vitamins won't make you gain weight. During pregnancy, your body's requirements for certain nutrients increase, so it's very important to have a complete, healthy and balanced diet and to take the vitamin supplement your doctor prescribed. You should also consult your doctor or healthcare provider about the types and amounts of exercise that are adequate for you. With the help of your doctor and dietitian, you'll be able to have an accurate control of your weight gain, so it's healthy for you and your growing baby.

Kind regards,

Ana C. López,

MyDiet™ Team


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