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Bread and Weight Loss

Bread and Weight Loss

Q. If I want to lose weight, can I eat bread?

A.The most important thing when losing weight is to achieve a balance between the calories you consume and the calories you burn. If you eat an excess, you are giving your body more calories than it needs, and you'll start to gain weight regardless of which foods this excess comes from. The need to eliminate bread when you want to lose weight is a myth. The important thing is to learn how much is appropriate for you and to not overdo it. In addition, a healthy recommendation is to replace white bread with whole wheat bread so you increase your intake of dietary fiber. At MyDiet™, you will obtain a personalized eating plan which will tell you the proper amounts you should consume of each food in order to reach a healthy weight.

Keep it up!

Ana C. López

Nutrition Counselor , MyDiet™ Team



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