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The Success of Boot Camp

The Success of Boot Camp

The New Green Trend

Camouflage uniforms are monopolizing parks and public places. Against what enemy is this battle fought? Against the boredom caused by exercise and to win the battle against overweight!
This is what boot camp is about: a new trend that consists of a “military” routine done in groups in open places, under the guidance of a teacher who guides the intense training with a “Rambo” style.

To Have the Muscles of a Soldier
Created in Australia by former infantryman and tactical expert “Chief Brabon,” Boot Camp combines racing, interval training, and weight-lifting exercises. “Strategic” goals are: eliminating body fat, improving cardiovascular efficiency, and increasing strength. It also helps people increase their self-esteem and engage in physical activity.
Unlike regular classes given at gyms, boot camp tries to get people “go the extra mile” in their training and achieve a better resistance through typical military exercises, like push-ups, squats, lunges, obstacle course, jumping, among others.

Although each teacher has his own routine, some say their “recruits” burn between 800 and 1500 calories per each 90-minute class.


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